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Apostille Document Service

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Apostille Document Service

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Why Us? Our objective is to expedite the process of authenticating documents quickly saving our clients time, money, and the frustration of dealing with various government offices. 

What is an Apostille (pronounced “aah-paa-still”)?  The Apostille authenticates the signature and seal of the issuing public official or notary public and is not valid for use anywhere within the United States of America, its territories, or possessions. It does not authenticate the contents of the document. 

The purpose of the Hague Apostille Convention is to create a simplified method of “authenticating” documents for universal recognition.  An Apostille certifies the official who signed your documents (Example: State official, County Clerk, Notary Public, Superior Court, etc…)  Documents destined for the countries that participate only require an Apostille from the Secretary of State from the documents origination or notarization.  

We can assist you with getting your documents Apostille from all 50 U.S. States, and the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC (one of the purposes of getting Authentication certificates from DC is for documents to be used in countries that do not participate in the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty.) 

Some examples of Notarial/Authentication acts:  

Acknowledgment: To "acknowledge" is to admit, affirm, or declare; to recognize one's acts, assuming obligation or incurring responsibility. For example, if you sign a deed before a notarizing officer, you acknowledge your signature.

Oath: Any form of attestation by which a person signifies that he or she is bound in conscience to perform an act faithfully and truthfully. A person who intentionally makes false statements under oath before a U.S. notarizing officer is punishable for perjury.

Affirmation: A solemn and formal declaration that an affidavit is true, that the witness will tell the truth, etc.

Affidavit: A written or printed declaration or statement of facts, made voluntarily and confirmed by the oath or affirmation of the person making it, taken before an officer having authority to administer such an oath.

Attestation: The act of witnessing an instrument in writing, at the request of the party executing the document, and subscribing it as a witness.

Corporate Acknowledgment: Officials of corporations who desire to execute an instrument in their capacity as corporate officials before a consular notarizing officer must present adequate proof of their corporate identity.

The most common documents we can Apostille are: 

Birth Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Wedding Certificates

Death Certificates

Divorce Decree

Single Status Affidavit

Background Checks (Local, State, FBI)

Power of Attorney

Copy of U.S. Passport

Copy of Driver’s License

Driving Record (DMV)

Social Security

Transcripts – High School, College, University, Trade School

Diplomas – High School, College, University, Trade School

GED Diploma and Transcripts

GED Diploma and Transcripts – ONLINE Digital Version for international students living outside of the USA.

TEFL / TESOL Certification

Authorization of Agent

Certificate of Naturalization

Certificate of Naturalization – USCIS Form G-24 (Older than 20 years)

Travel Consent Letter

FBI Background Check

Petition for Name Change

US Coast Guard Letters

Vehicle Title Registration  – DMV

Car Title

Articles of Incorporation

US Patent and Trademarks – USPTO

Certificate to Foreign Government – CFG

Federal Aviation Administration Letters – FAA

Certificate of Free Sale

IRS Form 6166

Certification of Free Sale – FDA

National Archives

Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice

Certificate of Incumbency

Will and Trust Apostille

Corporate Power of Attorney